Who are we

With Nanocoatings & antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

Who are we?

We are NanoProfs Holland based in Delft, South-Holland in the Netherlands and we are a sustainable company that specializes in applying very durable Nanocoatings but also Finsulate antifouling wrapping to protect your (boat) property against dirt, moisture, droppings, fouling under water and more for many purposes.

We have been active since 2005 as one of the first coating application companies in nano coatings in the world. Together with you, we are going to make the world more sustainable with our very unique Nanocoatings. We make wood, stone, glass, metal, concrete, ship's hulls, windmills both on land and at sea and many more options and applications.

Do you also want to protect your property in a sustainable way? and at the same time cost saving .. !! Think of your beautiful boat or your natural stone floor in bathrooms, but also of your sanitary facilities, swimming pools, kitchens, concrete floors / walls, facades and floor parts, glass façade panels, vehicles, bridges, viaducts, street furniture and what else you can imagine.