nanoCoatings - Antifouling realease system

With BioCoat nano coatings & antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

BioCoat nano coating - Antifouling release system is based on a different operating principle than the usual solutions on the market. It reduces the adhesiveness of marine organisms because the surface morphology is changed at the nanoscale. This is possible thanks to a synergistic effect between silicone and industrial multi-wall carbon nanotubes in the coating.

Water pollution from (old, often chemical) antifouling paint / coating has been a serious problem for the marine environment for decades with significant negative consequences for aquatic life around the world. Pollution of ship hulls by hard and soft marine organisms (algae, barnacles and more) remains a major problem, as it significantly increases air resistance and therefore greatly increases fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and the footprint of sea transport. Governments and industry spend more than USD 5.7 billion annually to control marine biofouling.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly BIOnano coating - Antifouling release system

- The service life of the coating is at least 10 years

- No biocides, no heavy metals (CORI report ME3081 / ES7531)

- Good water penetrating capacity

- Easy to clean

- Excellent mechanical properties

- Fuel savings 10% till 40% is possible and reduction of CO2 emissions of 40%

- Longer service time = lower maintenance costs

- Type approval certified by Bureau Veritas

(IAFS 30347 / A0 BV)

Our coatings have an extremely long service life and are not harmful to the environment. With this we contribute to the end of the replacement and disposable culture. By making products more durable, fewer materials need to be replaced and natural raw materials are spared. This aim is deeply interwoven within us.
We work in accordance with the internationally applicable regulations / requirements from REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances).

The unique formulation (IP) of the BIOnano coatings has been developed by Bionic and is owned by them.

We have all the necessary process ISO certificates, which guarantees quality and guarantee for BIOnano Coat products. NanoProf's Holland attaches great importance to product quality, whereby all national and international regulations are observed.