NanoStone coating

With Nanocoatings & antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

NanoStone coating

If you want to protect masonry or concrete façade parts, or make your patio (s) or other furniture durable and hydrophobic (water-repellent) for a long time, we have the most durable and biologics nano stone coating treatments for that.

With recent active nanotechnology techniques it is now also possible to give properties of very porous types of stone, such as marl, concrete, marble-natural stone (sand-lime brick), so that they can also be used in all types of wet areas. Sand-limestone wall and floor finishes in a bathroom, travertine incorporated into the floor and inside walls and platforms of a swimming pool or, for example, a washbasin furniture made entirely of concrete or a tiled concrete floor. 

Our NanoStone coating is made on the basis of the latest nanotechnology techniques, and it is possible to completely invisibly protect all stone-like materials against the ingress of dirt and moisture, and with the active Smart-coatings, organic pollution is even converted into liquid and oxygen.

The treated surfaces are easy to clean and remain clean while maintaining their natural appearance. The surfaces are invisibly protected and very durable.

Lifetime minimal 10 years.