Finsulate Speedgrade wrap

Finsulate antifouling wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

Speedgrade ENG

Finsulate Speedgrade wrap

as been developed for planing yachts and fast commercial vessels. Finsulate Speedgrade wrap is optimized for speed. This makes the product more sensitive to fouling on (salt) water. The fouling is easy to wipe away with the supplied tools (in the water), or with high pressure water while hitchhiking. 

Submitit for:
planing yachts and fast (semi-planing) commercial vessels
fresh and salt water, with occasional cleaning on salt water.

Product description:
Speedgrade antifouling wrap, optimized for speed.

Intended uses
For planing ships.

Peoduct information
For composition information, see the product datasheet.


Sealine 51, Finsulate Speedgrade

Sealine 51 Flybridge – Speedgrade

For me Finsulate stands for environmental friendly, lower maintenance cost while maintaining relevant performance.
The application is easy and clean; two experienced wrappers finished the job in a day. In displacement mode (95% of the time) I enjoy the same performance compared to traditional anti-fouling. In planing mode it’s a few % lower. There has been no fouling after the season and no need for re-application, saving me significant on maintenance cost while protecting our children’s planet.

Strike 29, Finsulate Speedgrade

Strike 29ft – California – Speedgrade

I used the Finsulate Wrap on my previous boat, a Strike 26. I was really satisfied and after selling that one and buying this Strike 29, I am really glad I can use the Finsulate Wrap again. It eases the work for my diver and keeps me in the water for much longer than regular toxic paint. I love your product for the environment as well as for the performance!

strike 26, Finsulate Speedgrade

Strike 26 – San Diego – Speedgrade

I have used Finsulate for almost 4 years now and I am impressed with the results. I have hade my strike 26 done with the Finsulate® Easy Clean Wrap as in California we are used to clean boats monthly. My diver has complimented me on the long term ease of cleaning. He keeps using the soft Scotch Brite pads and no deterioration of the Finsulate product is seen. I will easily manage the promised 5 year lifetime!

Sealine 51, Finsulate Speedgrade

Sealine 51 Flybridge after 5 years – Speedgrade

January 2020: after 5 years in use, my motor yacht was lifted shortly for inspection. The Finsulate looks perfect as if it was just applied. I am sure the yacht will enjoy this Finsulate antifouling for at least another few years