What is Finsulate?

With Nanocoatings & antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

What is Finsulate antifouling wrap?

Without exception, antifouling paints try to prevent the growth of mussels, algae and other organisms by the use of poisons. Regardless of the chemicals, this has the same effect: short lifespan and poor performance if a ship does not move much. And all this despite the deliberate discharge of poison.

What is Finsulate? 

Finsulate shows that antifouling can be easier and cleaner!

The fouling protection of Finsulate antifouling wrap works if the ship is moving or lying still and it’s durability of at least 5 years means that you’ll definitely save on the yearly maintenance costs. 

Finsulate antifouling wrap is a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to toxic antifouling paint. It is a long-lasting product with a 5-year warranty and an expected 10-year lifetime.


  • Non-toxic antifouling products

  • Sustainable & ecologically responsible

  • Saves maintenance time

  • Saves maintenance costs

  • Saves fuel

  • Efficient


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