Cost Reduction

With Nanocoatings & antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

Cost reduction, This is what everybody wants

The materials treated by us become maintenance-friendly, easy to clean and save you immediate costs. With a one-time treatment with one of our Nanocoatings you get a written guarantee on the effective duration between 5-20 years.

Because the materials no longer absorb water and dirt can no longer adhere to the pores, you no longer need to use expensive and aggressive cleaning agents.

This not only saves on maintenance costs in the short term, it also keeps the materials nice and well-preserved for longer. The lifespan is therefore enormously extended and you can save a lot of maintenance costs in the long term.

In various restaurants where we have treated the floors, among other things, an "enzyme" is used to meet the strict requirements of the HACCP. This "enzyme" costs a fraction of the traditional cleaning agents and removes the biofilm up to 100% and is measurable via an ATP measurement (RLU)

Saving costs, maintenance costs and maintenance and maintenance have never been easier.

If necessary, we can advise you on site about the possibilities of our Nanocoatings to make the materials used more durable. A consultation takes an hour on average and does not have to lead to an assignment. In some cases, treatment with one or more of our Nanocoatings is simply not necessary and advice on the maintenance or use of certain cleaning products may be a "better" solution. We therefore do not provide free advice.