Finsulate Seagrade wrap

Finsulate antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

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Finsulate Seagrade wrap

This system has been developed for applications on wind turbines, ships and structures that must remain in the water for more than 5 years. Think of offshore constructions, steelconstructions, onshore. 

Finsulate Seagrade wrap is adapted to the required long service life that are required for, for example, offshore structures. Extra protection against UV and dry / wet cycles is essential for this. But also FPSOs or large cargo ships. In addition, this product can be interesting for WINDMILLS at sea, catamarans that cannot be lifted everywhere. With the Seagrade wrap, a lifespan of 10 years is possible. Offshore structures, Larger seagoing ships, Difficult to lift yachts, Wind turbines at sea ...

Submitted for
water displacement yachts and commercial shipping
salty water
much quietness
non-planing ships

Product description
Physical barrier against fouling

Intended uses
to get maximum protection against fouling

Product information
see the product data sheet for composition information


It was pleasure to meet you & Robert after a brief interval and discuss the status of Finsulate Antifouling film applied on our Safety standby vessels. We chose this product for Antifouling application considering the very low vessel movement during Safety standby duties and long period idling at offshore locations.

To summarize our experience till now with Finsulate product: Halul 18 has now been sailing with Finsulate Antifouling since November 2013 (2 years): Vessel is used as a safety/standby vessel and as such has little activity; Performance of Finsulate Antifouling is still appropriate with minimum complaints, Speed of Halul 18 with Finsulate Antifouling after 2 years is comparatively higher than what we normally see with regular antifouling;

The first location where we could notice the effects of Finsulate Antifouling was around the sea chests and unrestricted flow of sea water into sea chest contrary to normal antifouling which wears out quickly. Finsulate Antifouling has been intact even after 2 years;

Halul 12 has now been using Finsulate Antifouling for 6 months. She is also in use as a safety/standby vessel. So far the performance is satisfactory.

We are anxiously waiting to dry dock the vessel to evaluate condition of applied antifouling film. We are glad to co-operate with you in developing such environment friendly product for Shipping industry.

House Boat in La Paz (Mexico) – Seagrade

Sailing behavior

  • La Paz - Mexico

  • Salt water

  • Sailing frequency: Static at all times

End of season maintenance:remains in the water, regular under water cleaning.

Dear Finsulate team,

Just to let you know that Finsulate has continued to perform in the second season that I am using it. Cleaning is easy and I plan to keep it in the water for a long time. With toxic antifouling, I would have taken it out for maintenance already by now.

50ft motor yacht – Seagrade

After 3 seasons in use, I can state that the product works well and it looks like it will work for the years to come. Next year we go to fresh water (Danube to NL). Let’s see what happens then. I wish you luck with your business!

Owner - Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean