FINSULATE Lakegrade wrap

Finsulate antifouling film/wrap we prevent fouling, soiling, moisture and discolouration, life span from 5 to 20 years.

Lakegrade ENG

FINSULATE Lakegrade wrap

prevents most of this and if some of this growth occurs, it is easy to wipe away or spray with high pressure.

The Finsulate Lakegrade antifouling wrap has been developed for application on fresh water and occasionally salt water. The biggest challenge in these environments is to combat mussels and algae. In addition, limescale deposits are often a problem in (mountain) lakes. Even when a yacht occasionally sails on salt water for a few weeks, we generally recommend using the Lakegrade wrap. Very good antifouling for fresh water, easy to clean in salt water.

For all types of boats/ships. NanoProfs Holland will install this sustainable system everywhere in the world. 

Submitted for
Fresh water and occasionally salt
Minimum lifespan of 5 years
For all types of ships.

Product description
Good antifouling for fresh water, easy to clean in salt water

Intended uses
All types of ships

Product information
See the product datasheet for composition information

Ravitaro motor cruiser – Finsulate Lakegrade

Ravitaro motor cruiser – Lakegrade

Dear Finsulate team,
We now use your product for 2 years and we are still impressed with the results. Also your service in case of damages is excellent. We chose your product for the environmental performance, but we are also really happy about the comfort it gives us in relation to maintenance!

Dehler S – Finsulate Lakegrade

Dehler S – Lakegrade

Dear Finsulate team,
I have really enjoyed your innovative antifouling product this year. As we have seen there is no real growth, just some slime, whereas at the unprotected areas the mussels grew quickly. An extra proof of the strong antifouling performance.

Really glad I chose your product, especially as I don’t need to do any paint maintenance now during wintertime.

Delphia Sailboat – sailing year round – Finsulate Lakegrade

Delphia Sailboat – sailing year round – Lakegrade

Dear Finsulate team,
We enjoy using your antifouling product now for a year already. It keeps us in the water and we are glad to stay away from the toxic paints. We hope you will increase your business rapidly and save the environment from lots of pollution.