FINSULATE "SEAGRADE EL" bio antifouling foil/wrap

The Finsulate Seagrade EL BIOantifouling foil/wrap has a maximum antifouling efficiency. Barnacles, featherworms or other organic growth at sea is prevented.

Finsulate Seagrade EL BIOantifouling foil/wrap variant has been developed for primarily use in salt water. However, it is also efficient in freshwater areas. And if some of these appear on the hull of your yacht because your yacht has not been moved for a long time, then they are fairly easy to remove. Lifetime of at least 10 years.

Physical anti-fouling covering supplied as pressure sensitive adhesive tape. For insulating surfaces exposed to marine environments such as ship hulls or floating structures against pollution.

Product construction Self-adhesive packaging consisting of backing paper, pressure-sensitive glue, carrier film and antifouling layer: - Backside: siliconized paper - Pressure-sensitive glue: modified acrylic - Carrier film: polyester film - Antifouling layer: cured acrylic glue with embedded nylon fibers Color: Black but from 300m2 in all RAL colors too to make.